I began my career journey as a tax attorney.  For more than a decade, I was privileged to help clients resolve tax issues that were deeply personal and often very distressing to them.  That work required a rare combination of substantive expertise in one of the most difficult areas of law, analytical and practical problem-solving capabilities, strong intuition, the ability to advise clients both truthfully and compassionately, and the skill and patience to negotiate constructively with IRS and other government officials.

When I wasn’t working on tax cases, I was using many of those same skills to guide friends and family members through various life challenges, including dating and relationship issues.  In doing that work, I have discovered that, what resonates with me loudly and clearly is the joy I experience when I am able to be the matchmaker for couples, to help singles date more mindfully and successfully, and to coach people in relationships on healing or gracefully transitioning out of painful relationships.  I also have applied to my own life the same methods and approaches that I used with others. And, I found that they worked beautifully for me as well.  I met the love of my life, my husband!

So, it’s no surprise that I have chosen now to turn what I love doing into my career journey.  I help singles who are having a difficult time in the dating world create more successful and enjoyable dating experiences for themselves.  I also am a bridge that connects them to themselves, to the things that they find most important and meaningful in life, and to partners with whom they can share those things.

I am honored to be on this journey with you. I am forever reminded that:  “Love is a reflection of you.”

Love & Gratitude,

Quinnie Holland