• Are you ready to be with the Right Person in your life?

    Most people spend years trying to find the Right Person and virtually no time doing the inner work that is necessary to attract that person and to receive the love that he or she offers. Not surprisingly, this often leads to frustration and dating “burnout.” If you want to receive the Right Person for you and would prefer not to spend years looking for that person, you may be an ideal candidate for our intuitive matchmaking service.



  • Intuitive matchmaking can save you 5 to 10 years of your dating life. We first work together to remove any obstacles that may be blocking your ability to connect with your Right Person. Then we use our gift of intuition to guide you through a process to recognize your Right Person. Every couple that I have matched in the past is still together today. This is a joy to witness. I truly believe love leads the way.

    For examples of the life-changing impact of intuitive matchmaking, please see the Testimonials page.