I was struggling with finding Mr. Right when I met Quinnie, who has a wonderful energy and seemed like a really great all-around person. We have a lot in common, both being spiritual and career women, but place a higher priority on relationships and family. From the very first session with her, I felt an inspiring feeling and was very touched by her methodology of increasing awareness and openness to love. I used that skillset of being open two days later, and reached out to someone who, within two months, is now my boyfriend. I have never met someone whom I have clicked with so much, so fast. I am very grateful! I also want to mention that talking to Quinnie also motivated me to block my ex, who was wasting my time in an “it’s complicated” relationship for months! I don’t know if I would have had the courage to both block him and reach out to Mr. Right if it weren’t for our motivating session. I highly recommend her!
Suzanne, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, July 2017
Quinnie is an amazing life coach with an extraordinary gift. My energy was at an all time low and in working with Quinnie, she has taught me how we are all made of energy and what we put out to the universe is what we receive. She has shown me that I can empower myself and through making self honoring choices how I can enrich my future. One of the toughest decision is to let go of the past that I’ve held so tightly on. Life was at a standstill until I decided to let go in order to allow positive opportunities in. I am truly excited how things are coming into place; life is more meaningful! I am finally moving forward into the next beautiful chapter of my life.
Cathryn, Single Mom Los Angeles, CA April 20th 2017
Quinnie is extraordinary. I hope you are as lucky I am to be guided by her inner wisdom. Quinnie is gentle, powerful and intuitive. She helps you shed light on the darkness of your mind. I had so many “aha moments” during my coaching with her. My business grew, I grew, and most of all I gained immense clarity. She could see that I wasn’t clear on my purpose, so with her gentle guidance she led me to finding what it is I truly want to do in this world. I have never had clarity here before and for the first time ever I do now.

I feel lucky and grateful and actually excited to move forward on my path. The things that are in my life not in alignment with my purpose, I simply see as temporary now so I don’t mind doing them because I can see where I’m going. Life feels exciting and meaningful again. It’s hard to put into words what Quinnie’s coaching did for me but I hope you get the chance to experience this gift in your life too. I will forever cherish our time together. I quote her often and her wisdom stays with me on a daily basis. Enjoy your journey back home.

Jamie, Life Coach Los Angeles, CA January 24th 2017
I finally enrolled into a cooking class I’ve been wanting to attend for months. When I got there, I looked around to see where to sit. I was drawn to a gal that had an open seat next to her so I thought perfect, I’ll sit over there. We started chatting and when I discovered she was a dating coach, I thought how serendipitous, as I have been thinking of focusing on a relationship as I’ve been single for many years and felt ready again but didn’t know how to go about it. It was the universe bringing us together.

Quinnie provided information about her services which was quite different than the norm but I wanted to give it a try as I related to her metaphysical approach and we had a nice connection. I use to meditate years ago but got away from it. Quinnie helped to remind me how important it is to release negative energy and introduce me to TRE which was a wonderful experience. Then with her guidance, she helped me to meditate with purpose to bring in my life partner. After doing these exercises, I woke up one day with a strong urge to join Match.com.

Shortly thereafter I met the love of my life! We are 10 months strong and both know we were destined to meet and spend our lives together! In summary, I felt a strong positive shift in my attitude and thinking about how to attract my soulmate.Thank you Quinnie for your guidance and the best of luck on your new path in life to helping others finding their soulmates!

Eileen, Marketing Manager (Retired) Los Angeles, CA December 2016
Quinnie Holland is an amazing matchmaker. I don’t know how she does it, but her method is flawless. Having known me for only a short time, she had an instinct about my personality and compatabilities, and introduced me to the woman with whom I will spend the rest of my life. I’ll never forget the night I first met my love. Our connection was both instant and long lasting. The attraction was obvious, and we just seemed to “fit” in every way. I am so grateful to Quinnie for trusting her instincts and introducing me to such a beautiful, talented, and hilarious woman.
J & F, Attorney August 18th 2016
I can say without a doubt that Quinnie has a true gift for matchmaking. Like most women out there, I was in search of my one true love, something that was a missing ingredient in my life. In working with Quinnie, I learned to look within myself. A valuable exercise we worked on was for me to compose a top 10 list of what I was looking for in “the one.” I realize that I needed to be “the one” to attract “the one,” and that kindness and awareness are key. Soon after, Quinnie introduced me to someone she felt is a strong match for me, through intuition that is uniquely hers. Still skeptical, we began communicating and went on a blind first date. Sparks flew and fast forward two years later, I am happy to report that we are going strong! I truly feel that I have found the one, my heart is full. He checks off every mark on my “list”… and more!
Kim, VP Banker, Los Angeles, CA May 2016
Dear Quinnie,

Thank you so much for your abundance coaching.

I had been fighting for abundance for all of my life but never succeeded in reaching it. Your coaching opened my eyes and changed my view of the world. It is only one week ago since we had our first abundance coaching session and I have already taken more and wiser decisions that I would normally have in one or two years. For exymple I cancelled two contracts that I should have cancelled long ago. This alone saved me US$ 1.200.

I can´t wait so see the abundance I will be living in after our 6 months together.

Lorenz, Banker, Germany April 2016
Since I have known Quinnie, she has become an invaluable mentor and personal confidante to me. Quinnie’s profound empathy and intuition embody crucial qualities of the most benevolent life coach by bringing out the best in others and putting forth a conscientious personal plan every unique individual or sensitive situation. Although I have not known Quinnie for very long, I can’t imagine how different my life could have been, if we hadn’t met and if I didn’t take her up on her advice. Before I met Quinnie, I unconsciously allowed my ego, the wants of others, and circumstances outside my control to heavily influence the choices I made and my approach to life.

These things that were not me, were leading me down a path of constant frustration and self-defeatism. When I met Quinnie, these problems reaching another apex and over time I have been working hard to reverse this disastrous trend. What has been most help in this reversal has been having a new optimistic frame of mind based on learning rather than brooding on the past and having gratitude and making the most for the things I currently have. By taking Quinnie’s advice I was able to help me instill on myself a powerful sense of personal purpose and confidence I never had before.

Ryan, Los Angeles, CA March 2016